Without Sanity

You don’t.

Let me expand. You don’t LIVE with a depressed wife, you co-exist with a depressed wife. You know those commercials that play the dramatic bass piano sounds and show people sitting and staring out windows and rubbing their shoulders. You know  the ones with the dog bouncing around walking to play ball and the man is leaning against a wall with his eyes closed and they look back at the dog and the dogs all sad and depressed? Where the kids are moping around because the Mom is too tired to play with them. The woman at her job is rubbing her forehead and co-workers are looking at her strangely. Yeah those.

 Then they say “Depression Hurts. Everyone”

They’re right. On so many levels.  Depression affects everything we do, it affects our immune systems, as females it can affect our menstrual cycles and eating habits. Depression…

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