At first blush

With my wife still in the process of moving out, my first extended weekend alone wasn’t quite what I expected.

I’m not sure it’s something I ate or what, but I seemed to have all sorts of energy for fixing things, arranging things, and cleaning things.  I mowed the lawn, planted the flowers I had started from seed, cleaned the refrigerator and threw expired items away, threw the junk food out of the pantry and cleaned that up, did laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, cleaned the outdoor grill, painted the deck, installed a towing hitch on the wife’s car and washed her car…  There’s probably other stuff too, but I forget because it was almost I was on autopilot and just kept going.

I think that was a good sign, like I was getting on with my life already and wasn’t just going to sit around and feel lonely.  In fact, for the first weekend anyway, it felt liberating.

If I felt like doing something or throwing something away, I just did it.

I also had some other ideas, like I should go camping more.  I looked online for old campers and trailers, and then realized I didn’t need anything like that.  But I could have gotten one if I wanted to.

Then, even though I have a great old dog, I started looking at pets:  miniature pigs, peacocks, weird animal pets.

In fact, I settled on picking up a batch of pheasant chicks after work today.  Hence, my “picking up chicks” blog.


P.S.  I even responded to a couple of college kids that were looking for a room to rent.  I like coming up with possibilities and being able to act on them.  I’m cancelling the land line phone and cable TV too, and just going with internet and Netflix.


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