Why are some women controlling?

via Why are some women controlling (Women who control men and husbands) | 2KnowMySelf.

Below are some psychological reasons that will explain to you why some women control men or their husbands:

The Woman was raised by a controlling mom: In one of my articles i explained how a monkey learned how to fear snakes when it saw another monkey becoming terrified when seeing a snake (see How fear is learned. Human beings can learn things in the same way, if a woman was raised in a house where her mother was the dominant and controlling figure in the family then the girl will grow up assuming that a woman should control her man.

Insecure women might become control freaks.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that when someone feels insecure he might start to control others in order to feel in control once again. Psychology is not a 1+1=2 science and so not every insecure woman will be a control freak but in some cases an insecure woman might try to feel secure by controlling her environment and this includes controlling her husband.

Masculine protest and controlling women: Masculine protest is a psychological term used to describe the case where a woman hates her feminine role as a result of feeling that its the inferior role (see Discrimination against women). Some of these women turn into control freaks in order to assume the superior role which is the role of a man.

Controlling women choose weak men: The previous point brings us to another very important point. Women who want to dominate men and control their husbands usually chose an easy target that can be controlled without much effort. This means that the woman who wants to control a man will look for a man who can easily be controlled.


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