Unmarried vs. Single

(this is apparently a dumb religious book and takes the concept in a whole different direction that I’m not thinking in any way)

I’ve been contemplating my new-found freedom lately, and have run into cultural semantics on the issue.  It was amusing to see the lack of specific returns when I Googled “unmarried freedom” for example.  I’m not sure that our culture has let the cat out of the bag on this (that unmarried is freedom).

It seems like our (American) culture assumes that married is the ultimate status for individuals.  The only real debate is about who can marry who currently.

Single has its own connotations, and it usually seems to suggest a person that is seeking to find someone to marry – or at least date as a precursor to marriage.  Unmarried has mostly negative connotations, and is somewhat undefined.  Preferred labels are more specific, and relate to what the person was before they became unmarried:  divorced, separated or widowed.

So I’m thinking I kinda like the “unmarried” moniker.  It defines in a certain way what you’re not, without assuming to define what you want to become or used to be.


One thought on “Unmarried vs. Single

  1. I had often thought what I would now put down in those ‘marital status’ boxes. It tends to cast you with an ‘unwanted’ label to have to tick ‘divorced’. I am with you on the ‘unmarried’ status. Much better idea. Now to decide on whether to take on the ‘Miss’, ‘Mrs’, or ‘Ms’ label…. At least that is one thing men do not personally have to think about. They can stick to ‘Mr’ – whatever happens ….. 🙂

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