Losing the ones you love


My stepson died as the result of suicide a year ago.  It was his second attempt, and he made sure that time.

I’m not sure his mother has recovered from it yet, and part of her feeling of estrangement from me might be because I seemingly didn’t grieve in the same way she did.

But who knows or can tell for sure?

The death of loved ones is hard on a relationship, but statistics don’t bear out the idea that it has a significant impact on whether or not people separate or divorce.  That would probably just be a convenient excuse for it all, when people are trying to make sense of what’s happening.

That may be true in the case of infidelity too, I don’t know.  There are people that work through those situations and stay together.  Most people that loose love ones work through that in their relationship too.

Separation and divorce isn’t always necessarily the result of an event or several events.  There’s usually more to it than that.  It’s complicated.  And I think it’s possible that often divorcing couples don’t really know for sure themselves why, even though they may think they do and come up with a standard story for their friends why it had to be.

One thought on “Losing the ones you love

  1. You are correct that all of us faced with catastrophes. This is life and generally we work through them together and get through to the other side…..together. That is marriage. It is sad when one person feels that that is the way to go (to work through things together) and the other doesn’t and walks away, with always the question…why? You are also correct that it is often more complicated than it first appears…….hard sometimes.

    i am so sorry about your stepson.

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