Single and happy?

“I’m single and loving it.”

When this phrase is uttered by a woman, it often induces a disbelieving eyeroll and an under-the-breath “yeah, right.” And if the woman in question is in her late 30s or beyond, forget about it — the traditional wisdom is that she must be an animal hoarder who’s simply undesirable.

But according to a new report — and our own readers — we live in a brave new world where it’s entirely possible (probable, even) for women to be single by choice and happy about it.

A recent Atlantic Monthly article takes a deeper look at the institution of marriage and why a growing number of women are putting it off or forgoing it altogether. Author Kate Bolick, who shares her own story as a 39-year-old single woman, appeared on TODAY Tuesday to discuss her article, saying, “Today marriage is an option, not a necessity the way that it once was, and that’s revolutionary.”

The number of single adults rose to 50 percent in 2010, compared to 33 percent in 1950, according to census data. And, Bolick writes, “according to the Pew Research Center, a full 44 percent of Millennials and 43 percent of Gen Xers think that marriage is becoming obsolete.”

Bolick says the numbers reflect a cultural shift based on factors including women’s financial freedom due to success in the workforce, increase in college education, technological advances in how we conceive children and the acceptance of “hookup culture,” to name a few.

We posted the video of Bolick’s show appearance on Facebook, and were blown away by the response from readers sharing their take on whether women could be single and happy. While some of you were skeptical of Bolick and the concept that someone like her is content (is she lying about being happy?), a majority of you said yes, not only did you believe it, but that you were living proof:

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