Arrest And Divorce Prompted By ‘Most Expensive Box Of Condoms Ever’

Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) has lost his job, his reality show and now his wife of six weeks, Evelyn Lozada, following the NFL star’s arrest for allegedly head-butting her after she found a receipt for condoms. Lozada filed for divorce Tuesday.

“I have been married to a baseball player [Scott Erickson] for 17 years and we have been around the world of sports, and we see this time and again where at the decline of a player’s career, suddenly he starts to feel insecure, he starts to deal with emotional issues that come to the forefront. And sadly, sometimes he takes out these emotional problems with his wife or partner, and that seems to be something we are seeing right now,” Lisa Guerrero told me last night on Jane Velez-Mitchell’s show. “It’s been a long time since Chad Johnson was at the top of his game as a football player.”

Just two weeks ago, Chad was asked what he would do after his playing days were over and he said “porn,” commenting that his wife doesn’t have a choice about his next career, because he has to provide.

“Things could get worse,” warns Tanya Young, the estranged wife of incarcerated former NBA star Jayson Williams. “Sponsors could leave. That was the most expensive box of condoms ever.”

via Chad Johnson Arrest Prompted By ‘Most Expensive Box Of Condoms Ever’, Says Source.


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