We care that Aniston’s getting married. Why?

Jennifer Aniston hasn't always been lucky in love, but she may have finally found her prince in<a href='http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/12/showbiz/aniston-engaged/index.html?hpt=en_c1' target='_blank'> fiancé</a> Justin Theroux. Here's a look back at some of Jen's men:

…so why do we feel so strongly about what happens to a movie star who has no apparent connection to our lives? Two reasons. First, we know enough about her travail to identity with her and project ourselves into her situation. Here is a woman, who, like many of us, has wanted someone very badly, made mutual vows of fidelity and loyalty, and had that person leave for another lover — in this case, an exceptionally talented and gorgeous woman, who now lays claim to everything she (or we) ever wanted. There are few women who haven’t lost someone they loved — and they immediately take up her cause, and her feelings, as their own.

Secondly, we follow her life because in a strange way, it comforts us. If a man could be unfaithful to such a lovely, successful and nice woman, we can know that perhaps we weren’t left because we weren’t pretty enough or sexy enough or witty enough, but because some men just fall in love with someone else.

via We care that Aniston’s getting married. Why? – CNN.com.

Or could it be that dating and marriage is simply a game we play to complement our egos?  If we were totally honest about it, pretty, sexy and witty have nothing to do with love.  If they do, we should call it something else to clear up the semantics.  ~Chico


One thought on “We care that Aniston’s getting married. Why?

  1. I care! I always felt bad for her that they were always making her out to be pathetic in the media, my own situation is bad eneough without having to worry about the media and my Ex Husband getting remarried to someone uberfamous! I am happy for her, even though I am less than up to date with any kind of celeb news, I am glad there are strong women out there who move on to greater happiness (hopefully)

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