Cutting Strings

Yesterday I had another Thai Bodyworks therapy session, and my yogini really poured into my shoulders and neck.  A few months ago those parts were so tense and stressed that she was tempted to think that there had been some physical damage to my shoulder tendons or joints.  As it’s turning out, the likely cause has been years of emotional stress and trauma that exhibited itself as tension and pain.

But the best part was having her read my chakras, and she went deep inside.  Laying on my back on the mat on the floor, she held her hands to the top of my head; then at times covered one or both of my eyes.

She said she saw long colored strings, and they were reaching way back.  My thoughts were so agitated and hyperactive (although I thought I was in a calm state) that when she was finished she said the energy was still in her forearms.  Normally that doesn’t happen to a practitioner.

She said I am fiercely holding onto things in the past, and encouraged me to cut the strings and let it all go; to quit trying to hold on.  It was an extremely powerful session for me.

I have been meditating now for several years, and had no problem identifying those “strings” after she brought it to my attention.  I’m going to make sure that I cut all of those strings and allow myself to be free to move forward.

I’m excited again about starting anew.  I’d had that initially when she moved out, but had started to reach back; even back before her.  But cutting the strings feels great.  Freedom is a wonderful thing.

2 thoughts on “Cutting Strings

  1. So you meditate. I do a lot of ‘reflecting’, and have a lot of ‘quiet’ time alone; but when I read about meditation and how you are supposed to shut out the voices in your head, i simply cannot do it.

  2. I believe the “trick” is not to try to shut them out, but to quiet/calm your mind the technique is just to observe your thoughts coming and going in a very non-judgmental way. If you don’t grasp or take ownership of them, they’ll eventually pass and you’re left in the quiet. That place is very vibrant and alive, the realm of your true essence. Anybody can do it. Don’t be impatient. Tell me how that works for you.

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