Scott's Journey

I’ve operated from my mind, disconnected from my heart…for so long.

It’s not my fault. I was taught that way. My parents taught me to be like them. My school taught me an agenda to make me a good corporate employee. I didn’t want to be wrong. I didn’t know there was a different way to live.

My thoughts became very critical of myself and everyone else. Constantly looking for what is wrong.

For whatever reason, it’s not very difficult to look at what’s going on and find fault. Problems exist everywhere. People make choices that are selfish, greedy, and detrimental to society and the planet.

Through reading, I began to realize I’m creating an interpretation of reality that I don’t enjoy. It makes me feel alienated, isolated, lonely, and useless. And makes me see the world as cruel, useless, and poorly designed. If this is God’s world, we shouldn’t be…

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