Brahmacharya? Thanks, but no thanks.

You may not have heard of the term, and neither had I.  Gandhi practiced it for 36 years.

Based on the summary I provided my yogi/therapist this morning about my 3 previous marriages, she recommended that I consider it.

I committed to brahmacharya  for a year, beginning today.

[Postscript, 2 days later]

After chatting with my original meditation teacher, I decided to tell my yogini that I decided against a vow of celibacy after all.  I mean, I’ve been celibate during marriage by no choice of my own for over two years!  And I could very well end up being celibate during the next 12 months by default, also not necessarily by choice.  I did recognize the wisdom in not going looking for intimacy so soon in my separation.  I married the last 3 times almost as soon as a woman said she would!  That’s nuts!

So rather than brahmacharya, I’ve determined to be aware of my past tendencies and make sure I don’t fall down the same rabbit hole again.  If intimacy occasions itself, I won’t avoid or refuse it.  But I’m going to be careful to not be looking for it and get swept up in the fantasy of marriage equaling the path to happiness again.


2 thoughts on “Brahmacharya? Thanks, but no thanks.

  1. Thanks for dropping by Chico, I just discovered this site of yours. I’ll be returning here regularly.
    By the way, I think you are expressing a very wise boundary in this post.

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