Are You Addicted to Relationships?

I know this sounds harsh or even drastic. But I had to delve into the worst consequences of relationship addictions just in case yours is only budding. If you catch yourself getting into the habit of jumping into a relationship immediately in order to avoid the pain of being alone, just remember that pain is actually a good thing. If you can refrain from jumping into a relationship, that pain is what motivates you to rediscover yourself—how you like to spend your time, how you want to live your life.

You need to learn that you can be completely happy on your own, because once you know that, you won’t feel so desperate to fill that hole in your life.

It won’t even feel like that hole is there. And it’s only when you really don’t feel you need a relationship, that you will have clear enough vision to evaluate a new one.

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See also: Addictive Love is An Intense or Exaggerated Reaction (to) Involvement (with) Expectations (of) Another That Results in Inadequate Attention Concern Care for Yourself.

Coming Soon:  Confessions of a relationship addict (me)


One thought on “Are You Addicted to Relationships?

  1. This is an excellent post and SO true. I am working at making a real go at being ‘me’ and living with ‘me’……there may be the downside that I will not want anyone else as i am actually starting to like not having to worry about anyone else or compromise or fit around anyone …… maybe even becoming a little bit selfish. So having another ‘relationship’ at the moment is the furthest thing from my mind.

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