The Seven Minds

happinessIncorrect Consideration of Suffering as Happiness

Lecture by Alexander Berzin

We were speaking about our incorrect consideration in terms of things that change. We consider that something like a relationship is going to last forever, whereas in fact it is eventually going to come to an end. And we consider that, even while it lasts, that it is static and unchanging, whereas in fact it changes from moment to moment.

Our belief that this projection of our incorrect consideration is correct can be doctrinally based. We read all sorts of fairy tales, and see Hollywood movies, that we’re going to live happily ever after, and so we have this expectation that’s false. It can be doctrinally based, but even if we understand that the propaganda we have been fed, and that we’ve been believing, is false, that this is absurd, even when we understand that, that life is not a…

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