Divorce. Party.

What is it with divorces that brings out the weirdest expression in you? Wonder where this is leading?

Well, one look at Adnan’s joyous face after his divorce was granted and one wonders if divorce is more of a liberation than a painful parting!

After the Mumbai High Court gave its verdict, declaring the two were already divorced as per Islamic law, a thrilled Adnan said, “Let me dance and sing with my family and friends… I feel like throwing off my shoes like Waheeda Rehman in Guide and singing Kaaton se kheench ke yeh aanchal. For three years she (Sabah) wanted only to harass me.”

This, coming from a man who married the same woman (Sabah) twice. Now, the point here is not if they should have stayed together even after the relationship went sour. But it brings us to the question, “Does divorce liberate you?” Well, surprisingly or strangely, there are break-up parties in some countries. People feel when you can celebrate the union, why not the break-up!

Divorce parties are gaining ground. In may 2008, Heather Mills splashed out £250,000 on a dream holiday for herself and 25 of her pals. In a super-expensive “Divorce Party”, Heather whisked her closest friends to Richard Branson’s Caribbean hideaway Necker Island at a cost of £24,000 a night. She told them it was to say thank you for their “unfaltering support” during her divorce battle with Paul McCartney. Howzzat!

Now, going by what Adnan Sami told the media after he was set free from his former wife Sabah, looks like he too will dance and make merry, celebrating his separation from his wife! Adnan intends to throw a big bash in Dubai that his friends from India as well as Pakistan are expected to attend.

One wonders if this ritual is good or in bad taste? Says Ashish Pai, a marketing executive, “Whatever said and done, divorce is an indicator of your failure. So, how can one celebrate? You may feel free from the bond, but there are good times to haunt you — your endless smiles captured in the wedding and honeymoon albums are painful reminders of the past. It’s definitely not an easy thing.”

While some believe the party is all about celebrating the end of a bitter relationship, others see this as cheers to a new beginning. If it’s for good or bad, the phenomenon is beginning to get popular. Type divorce party on Google and you get thousands of pages offering you help on ‘how to plan a divorce party’, ‘the best return gifts’ and the like. Is this ritual too likely to become another expensive affair? Looks like it!

via Does divorce liberate you? – Times Of India.


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