Retroactively Divorced!

I went to the mailbox Saturday and let out a WHOOP! when I saw the envelope from the county court.  I had filed the joint petition that we had come to agreement on about 10 days earlier, and had been anxiously waiting for the signed order.  When I opened it, I found out that the order had been signed 4 days ago, and in fact I had been divorced already!

It made me realize that it doesn’t require a legal piece of paper to be free.  Freedom comes from within, after all.

Good luck to all of you that are going through the process.  Be free now, and don’t wait for that piece of paper.


2 thoughts on “Retroactively Divorced!

  1. It takes awhile, doesn’t it. And I’m sure I’m not totally there yet. Relationships that have ended continue to plague you, probably for the rest of your life. The key might be to just observe those thoughts and memories in a non-judgmental way – every time they pop up.

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