Madam Realist

The older we get the more prevalent some things become such as the fundamentals of life, love and relationships. We go from being carefree kids to curious teenagers/young adults to responsible mature adults and so on. As more of our friends get married, cohabitate, become parents, etc.; there’s always a select few of us that are single and/or dating while it seems like everyone else’s relationships have taken the next step. Being ‘single’ doesn’t necessary mean that you are unhappy! Society used to make it seem like being single was unheard of  and shameful especially after a certain age. In recent years being single has been embraced. Singles are able to adopt, have a wide array of travel options suited for a solo traveller, their are many outlets online that allow singles to join with other singles to partake in group settings.

At times it may become annoying and even mundane when everyone asks the common questions. Such as………”Are…

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