The ego compares us to others and then files it neatly away!!!

C PTSD - A Way Out

Strawberry shortcake: Grandkids influence
A recent survey explained how some couples experienced good feelings or happiness because they were having more sex than the average couple. Another judgment we humans accept. Must be true.
I might have disagreed with this statement twenty years ago, not now.
Looking at this survey, we use comparisons to others as a basis for feeling happier than the next person. This is a flawed way of looking at life.
We are not competing, comparing or needing to be better than others. This is false happiness, a cognitive comparison, aimed at making us feel better than the next human.
If this were true, prostitutes would be far happier than any of us. This comparison destroys the premise of more sex being happiness.
Watch what the ego brings forth as truth, like this idea of comparison. The ego always compares…

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