wholesome to be alone

“What sort of space is that which separates a man from his fellows and makes him solitary?

I have found that no exertion of the legs can bring two minds much nearer to one another….

I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time.”

~Henry David Thoreau, Walden


Happy anniversary to me!

One whole year on my own, and divorced 11 weeks.

Best thing that ever happened to me.

Being the only one in the house for that long of a period has been a whole new experience.  In fact, I’ve never lived alone for that long in my entire life!  It would have been really healthy for me I think to have had the alone experience earlier in life.  But better late than never, eh?

Well, I’m not in the habit of writing too much about myself, as you know if you follow this blog.  Maybe if I get closer to realizing more of what the intention of this blog was/is, I’ll be able to reflect on it and share some learned lessons.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to year #2.

4 Years … And Counting

Blowin' Around

4 years ago today, I got married.  It was the beginning of a lot of things, but mostly it was the beginning of the end.  And the beginning of a LOT of life lessons for me.

Now, I will say that I should not have gotten married.  I really should not have.  I should have listened to my friends when they said, “Does he intellectually stimulate you?”  “Are you sure he is The One?”  But I think we all know I am not known for listening to other people’s’ opinions once I get something set in my mind.  That would be Lesson One in the Long List of Things I Have Learned.  But I did get married.  And I have to believe that it happened for a reason — there was something I was supposed to gain from losing my marriage.  So, in that vein, I have compiled a short…

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This is MY Life!!

Spring into Summer


A light has come on.

When my husband abandoned our marriage, he went overseas. I was left with the business to run. I felt that I could not walk away from it. At the time, I was in the midst of all the personal angst surrounding the separation and I had not had time to process what had happened. I had not had time to fathom out what I needed or what I wanted to do with my life. Now I have. The business carries a risk. I am no longer comfortable to carry that on my own. So, at the stroke of midnight, I have pulled away from our draft settlement and it is back to the table for further discussions.

If you have never had an epiphany, it is a strange experience. For me it occurred when visiting my mother. Full of angst…

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Who taught you to hate yourself?

A man’s life has never been about privilege; it’s historically been about hard-work, responsibility and sacrifice. It’s also historically been about providing for and protecting women and children. We are not useless, stupid, brutish oafs and emotional reptiles.

Far from it…

It was the toil of men—that of our fathers and grandfathers—that built the industry, the railways, the water and sewage systems that lifted millions, if not billions, out of subsistence level poverty. It is typically the male sex that is willing to shoulder the risk and endure the suffering necessary to push back human boundaries for the benefit of others. It is typically the male left-brain psyche that is the inventive one, the one to gaze at the heavens and to have the inclination to go there.

Young boys deserve a better future than that of a sperm donor and a walking cash machine, only to be cast aside when of no more use. They are human beings, not the pack animals of the human race.

No schoolboy should ever have to sit in class while his teacher makes him feel responsible for all the wrongs perpetrated throughout history, or makes him feel worthless and inadequate, or tells him that his gender harms the other and that women will need protecting from him when he gets older. This should be seen for what it is, nothing other than an ideologue abusing her position as a teacher in order to deliver dehumanising classroom propaganda to children. That’s misandry, miss!

We need to drive a positive dialogue about males, not just one of injustice and suffering. We must teach men and boys the truth about themselves if they are ever build their own identity free of feminism’s stigmatising invective.

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