Being single in a world of couples


I’ve been in a few relationships, and they’ve been okay, I’ve had a good time, but quite often I haven’t been especially happy. Yeah, there’s been some highs, but those lows, oh those lows. I’ve been single for awhile now, and although there’s been some low points, most of it has been good. I feel happy most of the time.

This makes me think, did being in a relationship make me unhappy? If it did make me unhappy why do I still think about being in another one?

I guess there is still a need to be wanted, to be found beautiful by someone. I personally know this to be true of me, there’s nothing more lovely than knowing someone finds you attractive, and on the occasions I’ve noticed someone checking me out i get a proper little buzz of excitement, which is a joy for sure.

But then, at…

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