Who Are You Really Fighting?

Temple of Anjana

fighting_the_shadow_by_fabiKThere are two inevitabilities in relationships. The first is that there will be love.  The love will be hot, exciting, deep and passionate.  The second is that there will be hurt. The hurt will be personal, whether it is inadvertent or intentional.  The classification of it being inadvertent or intentional depends on the lover’s perceptions.  What can be seen as something benign may harken back to a past memory of a life before the life each party presently knows. The lovers then shadow box with their perceived notions and inadvertently TKO one another’s hearts.

In relationships, what is available to you and your lover is not just your redeeming qualities, your sexual prowess and your abilities to get ahead in the world.  Your vulnerabilities, habits, insecurities and emotional blind spots are brought to the table as well.  Your hurts and heartaches of love lost and conditioning you were raised under…

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