Did You Forget to Have Fun?

Any Shiny Thing

My sister asked, “If you had all the time in the world, and weren’t always working, what would you do for fun?”

I had to think. To me, work is fun. Always has been, even as a youngster. These days, writing, blogging, public speaking and hanging out on social media are my work and my hobbies. But those aren’t things I can do with a buddy on a Saturday.

Suddenly, I felt like Poindexter, always in the lab, hunched over another invention, cackling to myself.

Rallying, I told her I liked to go on field trips to gather dried plants, which I could then spray with metallic paint and use as decorations around my house. Calculating silently, I realized, but did not admit to her, that I hadn’t done that for at least fifteen years.

Two days later, Sis and I borrowed my husband’s truck and drove up to our local…

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