Sexy Seniors in a Youth Obsessed world

Dating Advice For Seniors

During a blank eyed bit of channel surfing, I happened upon a HBO special about strippers.  I was immediately drawn in despite self-assurances that I was above watching such tripe.  As I continued to gawk, a strange mixture of disquiet and sadness over took me.  Now, I have never had a problem with female nudity or blatant sexuality in general, but something struck me as odd in a I can’t-put-my-finger-on-it type way.

As exposes go, it was what you’d expect, controversial and titillating although I don’t recall very much of it. The scene that does stick in my mind, was one where a fifty-ish stripper was auditioning for a club. The owners, looking amused throughout the woman’s performance, allowed her to dance, but told her afterwards that she wouldn’t work out on the basis that she was “too old’.

This part of the show made me a bit angry, for a myriad…

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